when, why and how has Prince Hisahito’s paper gone wrong? Only Dragonflies knew…..


Hi, everyone.  Thank you very much for visiting my Etcetera Japan Blog !

I appreciate your interest in our voices against Japan’s organizational cover-up, overlooking Prince Hisahito’s paper which is with suspicions of fraud.

You might be here after watching YouTube video, “Which is stronger, imperial power or academic fairness?” by Real Imperial Story by 輸入食品(Yunyu-shokuhin).

Lucy is a wonderful YouTuber, and her words are trustworthy.

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Since last December, many people have sent me emails and exposed fraud in both texts and photos in Hisahito’s paper.

The paper was written with two excellent researchers.  But in some photos, dragonflies don’t look like they are alive. We have no idea who took the photos at all.

Here, let me introduce some of my blog posts to you about issues on the paper.

Just click, and you can read them in different languages (by Google Translation service).  Dragonflies as “botched jobs” will make you laugh.












In recent years, freedom of speech in Japan has been more tightly restricted. We feel we are not allowed to criticize imperial members, even when they do whatever they want with huge amount of money (all from taxpayers!). We cannot help but speak out “Hisahito, you are wrong”.

Basically, his parents are very bad in many ways and far from being respected. I just hope people in the world will know it after all.

In the last, Dr. Elizabeth Bik of Microbiom Digest, I really appreciate you introducing and questioning the paper’s issues to the world through “PUBPEER” and X(Twitter).  You are like a bright light for Japanese people, now.

Thank you all !

-Yukari Asahina/Etcetera Japan