Officially invited? No, not yet. Controversy as Prince Akishino and Wife to Attend The King Charles III’s Coronation

No way! Inviting Prince Akishino to the King Charles III's Coronation is a terrible choice!(NHK WEB/Screengrab)
No way! Inviting Prince Akishino to the King Charles III’s Coronation is a terrible choice!(NHK WEB/Screengrab)

Since some media outlets broke the news that Prince Akishino and his wife Kiko are to attend the May 6 coronation of King Charles III, public indignation has been running higher and higher. To Royal families around the world, and to the Royal Households of the United Kingdom, I would like to show you the reasons why inviting Prince Akishino to the coronation is a terrible choice.


◆He is heartless and cruel

First of all, this is the explanation given by Prince Akishino when he heard the very tragic news of British former Princess Diana killed in a car accident in Paris, France.

“When I was told that the reports had been broadcast on TV, I felt sorry for her, but I was like …… I was just informed.”


“I met Diana or just happened to be in the same place only a couple of times. As for me, sympathy for those who I haven’t interacted with is rather different from those who are close to me.”

It seems Prince Akishino was not so shocked. Diana was only 36 years old, and the tragic death surely broke her young sons’ hearts. Even though he barely knew her, he should not have said like that.

How dare this cruel person would attend the coronation of King Charles who once married Diana and raised kids with her.


◆Akishino’s bizarre eating habit

Prince Akishino allegedly barbecued and ate capybaras, guinea pigs, arowanas and so on though they had been imported from abroad for research or display at zoos and aquariums.

This is YouTube’s recommended video about the matter.


◆Akishino and wife are for male-dominated royal succession laws

About Prince Hisahito, their only son aged 16, there is a rumor that Akishino and wife Kiko used IVF and Sex Selection by preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) to have a baby boy to succeed to the throne.

Thus, the couple and Prince Hisahito have been strongly supported by people who insist on only direct male-line males to ascend the throne, though almost 90 percent of Japanese people have been in favor of an idea of reigning empress.

According to the poll, 87percent were in favor of reigning empress (Kyodo News/Screengrab)
According to the poll, 87percent were in favor of reigning empress (Kyodo News/Screengrab)
90 percent of young people aged 18 to 29 said they would support reigning empress(NHK WEB/Screengrab)
90 percent of young people aged 18 to 29 said they would support reigning empress(NHK WEB/Screengrab)
We really love the Emperor’s only daughter, Princess Aiko. She is as smart as her ex-diplomat mother, Empress Masako(INSIDER/Screengrab)
We really love the Emperor’s only daughter, Princess Aiko. She is as smart as her brilliant ex-diplomat mother, Empress Masako (INSIDER/Screengrab)

How could Akishino and Kiko be welcomed by the Royals and British people who really loved and adored Queen Elizabeth, I really wonder.


◆King Charles wants to invite “crowned friends”

News reports say King Charles himself wants to invite his close friends to the coronation ceremony. This means that the kings and queens as “Crowned friends” from Jordan, Brunei, Oman, Monaco, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are expected to attend the ceremony.

We believe King Charles hopes that Emperor Naruhito and the Empress Masako will come from Japan to congratulate him sincerely. However, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK reported that our government and the Imperial Household Agency are making arrangements for Akishino and wife to attend the ceremony on behalf of Emperor Naruhito.


◆The Emperor is not allowed to say anything !

Then, why don’t the Emperor and the Empress say anything at all on this matter ?  Please remember they are not allowed to do so. Every schedule or appointment is arranged and fixed by Japanese government and the Imperial Household Agency.

And this year, the “Spring Imperial Garden Party” was set on May 11 although it is held in April every year, probably in order to make the Emperor and Empress seem too busy to go abroad.

This kind of harassment has occurred many times over the decades. That’s the reason why many Japanese people support the Emperor’s family. I am sure Akishino is the very last person we acknowledge as a “Crown Prince”.


◆Careless acts and dumbness

Princess Kiko is sometimes told not to cross in front of leaders of higher rank like heads of state.


And Prince Akishino does not seem he can talk to anyone, or handle situations smartly at international events and banquets. Maybe it is because of idleness in his young days, not studying English hard or trying to learn how to be a good imperial member.


This is a very short video taken during the formal enthronement ceremony for Emperor Naruhito held on October 22, 2019. Probably Prince Akishino stepped on the hem of the lady’s dress with his chair’s leg. She is The First Lady Carmen liohannis, the wife of the current President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis.

She looked quite embarrassed for 5 seconds or so, and asked her husband for some help, who was sitting to her right. Then, he stood up and lifted the leg of Akishino’s chair a bit to release the hem. Akishino is the person who does not say sorry even when he needs to.

 Akishino does not say sorry even when he needs to.
Prince Akishino does not say sorry even when he needs to.

◆YouTube’s Recommended Videos

The bilingual YouTuber Ichinose-san keeps speaking out, too.


◆Their son, Princess Hisahito’s plagiarism trouble

These are the news articles spread out in UK in February 2022. After all, Prince Hisahito never apologized or returned the award.

コピペ作文で入賞と報じた英メディア(画像は『THE TIMES』のスクリーンショット)
(THE TIMES/Screengrab)


英メディアが23日、次々と悠仁さま文章盗用騒動を報道した(画像は『THE TELEGRAPH』のスクリーンショット)
(THE TELEGRAPH/Screengrab)

Japan’s 15-year-old prince to keep literary award despite plagiarism row. Prince Hisahito, the 15-year-old future emperor of Japan, has been accused of plagiarizing sections of an essay about a holiday with his mother to try to win a children’s literary competition.
(The Telegraph)


悠仁さまは文章盗用について非難されていると報じた『Royal Central』
(Royal Central/Screengrab)

Prince Hisahito of Japan has been accused of plagiarism in an essay that had made headlines because of the award it brought to its author.


On 15 February, the Imperial Household was approached by The Asahi Shimbun, a magazine devoted to Asian and Japanese topics, concerning the fact that certain parts of the essay “ very closely resembled a source that was not mentioned,” according to the filing.


The Japanese Imperial Household responded the following day with a press release saying that “the description of [the Prince’s] reference list was inadequate” and that Hisahito would review said list to check if more sources needed to be added, aside from the one pointed out by the magazine.
(Royal Central)

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