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In Japan, it is well reported that the discussion of the rule changes on the Emperor’s Succession are aggressively dismissed to keep the Status Quo: No Change in the Chapter 1: Article 1 of the Imperial Household Law, by the groups who are losing the support lately to insist that the succession must be done based on the primogeniture in the male line. The groups insist that the male line of the current Emperor’s brother must succeed. However, the growing majorities of the Japanese Commoners are speaking loudly against the “Status Quo,” and further insisting that the Imperial Household Law must be changed clearly to adopt the absolute primogeniture.

For those of you, non-Japanese, you are missing the whole story as this part will not explain the reason why the majorities of the Japanese Commoners are against the “Status Quo.” The missing part is Noblesse Oblige in the majority’s view.


The Japanese Commoner’s views on the Core Qualifications on the fitness of the emperor are as follows;

“Being Kind, Honest, Fair, Matured, Clean in the Money, open and real Communicator and Intelligent as a head of the whole Japanese people, regardless of being rich, social status, historical network and scholastic accomplishments.”

Unfortunately, there are well reported and verified discoveries, without any clear responses, to disqualify those, currently slated as the “presumptuous” Heir in the line of the succession: Emperor’s brother and his son.


Please review the followings independently to connect the dots.

#1: Is it OK for the Heir to be called and widely labeled as the “Cheater or “ZURUズル” in Japanese?”

The key words: Plagiarism in an Essay Contest, Gift Authorship in the butterfly paper, Preferential Admittance as the “ZURUズル” to the elite schools during the son’s entire schooling, Grade fixing questions to cover up the low accomplishment, etc. all of which are controlled by the establishments, the major media and the back door arrangements, which no Japanese Commoner can afford to allocate. The fairness and open competition are essential rules and ethical ground for the Japanese Commoners. Why is it OK for the Heir secretly to craft the preferential treatments, without reasonable explanation. The latest crafting is undergoing by linking the Gift Authorship of the paper in the PhD quality to the preferential admission to the most prestigious school, The University of Tokyo. The son is a high school senior without any academic education even in the undergraduate level, yet being listed as the First Author in the paper. This means that the son took one spot away in the University from one hardworking and more qualified applicant. While the most of the past arrangements could have been done by his parents, the last one is very significant as the son will reach to the age of the consent this September, before being admitted and starting the University as an adult. While the son may have been controlled in his life, by the adults, as a minor, he can no longer use the excuse for being the “ZURUズル” this time. The Japanese Commoners say loudly, “No ZURUズル” as the prestige must be earned through the open and fair competition and the arrangement will damage the credibility of the entire University education system in Japan.


#2: Why do the Japanese Commoners need to accept the one side “The cookie cutter: No Comment as the Private Matter”

messages from the establishments about the real story of the Emperor’s brother and his son’s birth, health, fitness as the “presumptuous” Heir as the rules insist that the Heir must be legitimate, healthy and fit for the duty?

The key words: The DNA test because of the lack of the physical resemblance, the rapid budget overruns of the specialized medicine and expensive medical devices, only for the exclusive group: the Heir???


#3: Why the free wheel spendings without any accountabilities for them are accepted: “The ME only and don’t ask any question” while all the spendings has been and will be funded by the tax payers?

The key words: The “More Italian Marble and Gold” in their new Mega Palace while some of the Japanese Commoners are struggling to survive, the meaningless and unethical Money Schemes for the “Quid Pro Quo,” Series of the Disappointing Performances in Vietnam, UK visit and Japan. Why does the media add the adjectives “Super Communications without any Interpreters in the VIP visits” “Grew up in the multilingual background” the while the Japanese Commoners can quickly confirm the truth in this visual reporting world? The adjectives are being used only for the Heir, so the Japanese Commoners are questioning “why?” as the emperor family, including Princess Aiko is truly in the multilingual. Furthermore, everyone knew that the level of and the preparation to build the linguistic articulation is completely different between the Child English and Noblesse English.


The overwhelming majorities of the Japanese Commoners are seeking for the Heir, qualified in best combination of the bloodline and Noblesse Oblige, and further insisting the followings

• The better choice is Princess Aiko, a daughter of the Emperor and Empress
• Why can’t Japan amend the rules to adopt the absolute primogeniture?
• If the establishments say “No,” ask the follow up questions, “When and how were these rules set in stone?” “Does the Japanese politicians listen to the Japanese Commoners’ interest?” as they can revise the rules
• The response will tell you the whole story
• As the establishments, media and the back door arrangements try so hard to ignore the voice from the Japanese Commoners, the serious questions from the fair and transparent foreign groups are requested to open and advance this critical agenda for them to preserve the Imperial Court, as their crown jewel.


If you have the basic interest and questions, please start with the national polls in Japan to support the choice to select Princess Aiko as the Heir by adopting the absolute primogeniture.

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